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We’re PROYAMA, A Modern Tool Manufacturer

PROYAMA Tools Inc specializes in crafting top-quality gardening tools and equipment tailored for professional lawn care needs.

PROYAMA Power Tools

Before delving into the individual PROYAMA products, it’s worth noting that all of our tools are engineered for reliability, power and ease of use when tackling outdoor yard work.


The PROYAMA chainsaw is a powerful gas-powered saw perfect for cutting through thick brush and fallen trees.

Weed Eater

The PROYAMA weed eater allows you to quickly trim grass and weeds with its curved shaft and rapid spinning nylon cord.

Brush Cutter

Cut through overgrown fields and thickets easily with the PROYAMA brush cutter and its heavy-duty curved blade.

Pole Saw

Trim very high branches with ease using the PROYAMA pole saw and its extended reach.

Leaf Blower

Blow leaves off your lawn quickly with the PROYAMA leaf blower and its adjustable nozzle and variable speed settings.

Hedge Trimmer

Shape hedges and bushes with precision using the PROYAMA hedge trimmer which provides great control while cutting.

PROYAMA Bestselling Tools

PROYAMA 62CC 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

PROYAMA 62CC 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

The PROYAMA 62CC gas-powered chainsaw offers powerful tree and wood cutting capabilities in a handheld, cordless design with features like anti-vibration system, safety brake, and EPA-certified engine for reduced emissions.

PROYAMA Powerful 42.7CC Pole Saw and Brush Cutter

PROYAMA Powerful 42.7CC Pole Saw and Brush Cutter

This versatile gas-powered tool combines a pole saw with an adjustable extension length of 8.2 to 11.4 feet for trimming tall branches and a brush cutter, featuring a 2HP engine, anti-vibration harness, and multiple safety accessories.

PROYAMA 42.7cc Gas Weed Wacker

Equipped with a powerful 2HP 42.7cc EPA-certified engine, this gas-powered weed wacker offers efficient trimming capabilities, easy starting, a comfortable double shoulder strap, a quick-release split shaft for convenient storage, and various protective gear.

PROYAMA Benefits

PROYAMA tools provide a range of benefits to help make yard work easier including:

Powerful Motors

PROYAMA tools feature robust gas-powered motors to tackle even the toughest outdoor tasks.

Ergonomic Designs

With comfort features like padded handles and adjustable shafts, PROYAMA tools reduce fatigue allowing for longer work sessions.

Safety Features

All PROYAMA tools incorporate safety mechanisms like guards and switches to help prevent injury.

Values of PROYAMA Company

At PROYAMA, we prioritize key values that guide our approach to business, customers, and employees.

PROYAMA Company Insights

As an established manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, PROYAMA has gained valuable insights and expertise in the outdoor power equipment industry.

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PROYAMA products deliver when it comes to power and performance. Here’s what some of our users have to say:

As a professional landscaper for over 20 years, I know the importance of having quality equipment that can withstand daily use and abuse. The PROYAMA chainsaw has become my go-to for all cutting jobs. I am thoroughly impressed by its raw power and torque that allows it to slice through thick tree limbs or logs with ease. No matter what I need to cut, this chainsaw powers through it effortlessly. The anti-vibration system also helps reduce fatigue during long days of intense use. My hands and arms used to get numb and sore from cheaper saws, but this PROYAMA model has dampeners that make it comfortable to operate all day long. I used to go through lower-end chainsaws every year or two because they couldn't handle heavy commercial use, but this PROYAMA model has lasted 5 seasons and is still going strong! It starts right up reliably even in cold weather thanks to the efficient engine and hardy construction. I highly recommend it to any landscaper or tree service company that needs an incredibly durable heavy-duty chainsaw. It has definitely been worth the investment for my business and has saved me money by not needing constant repairs or replacements.
Peter Brown
After moving into our new home, the large overgrown bushes and tall grass were an eye-sore that made the yard look unkempt. As an avid gardener I wanted to tackle the landscaping projects myself, so I invested in several PROYAMA tools to get the job done right. The weed eater allowed me to edge along fences and precisely trim grass in tight spaces around trees and garden beds. It has a curved shaft and lightweight design that makes it easy for me to maneuver as a petite woman. The powerful motor spins the nylon cutting cord so fast it zips right through thick weeds and grass with no problem. I also love the adjustable auxiliary handle that makes it comfortable to hold for extended trimming sessions. And the PROYAMA hedge trimmer made quick work of the huge overgrown bushes around the yard. Its sharp dual-action blades cut branches up to 3/4" thick with just a couple passes. The anti-vibration feature prevents my hands from getting fatigued. My yard went from an overgrown disaster to a beautiful oasis thanks to the exceptional power and quality construction of the PROYAMA products. They are comfortable for me to use and made yard maintenance much faster and easier. I will definitely be a repeat customer because these are the best gardening tools I've ever owned!
Sarah Lee
As a professional arborist, having reliable equipment is critical when working dozens of feet in the air on tall trees and high branches. I rely on the PROYAMA pole saw to safely and efficiently trim and prune even the hardest to reach limbs near power lines or rooftops. Its sturdy telescoping aluminum pole provides me with up to 14 feet of overhead reach which allows me to prune without needing to constantly reposition ladders. The powerful gas-powered motor cuts through branches up to 2 inches thick with just a pull of the trigger. No more straining or slow sawing to cut through thick limbs! The rubberized grips on the PROYAMA pole saw provide comfort and control when making precise cuts at full extension. I appreciate the angled head too which makes it easier to make flush cuts against tree trunks. The PROYAMA pole saw enables me to get big pruning jobs done faster and safer without excessive climbing or ladder repositioning. It has increased my productivity significantly compared to using manual saws. I won't go near a tall tree without this pole saw at my side! The reliability, power and reach make a huge difference for safety and efficiency when working off the ground.
Mark Milestone

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